Incident Response

Got hacked? No problem, we're on site in 24 hours.

Raxis Security Incident Response

Raxis Secure Code Review Incident Response is a must have with today's external threats. You're protecting your organization with the latest tools and patches. You're having your environment penetration tested and hiring social engineering services to ensure that everything is buttoned up tightly. Unfortunately, security risk doesn't go away. There's always a chance that a breach still occurs.

Raxis understands there is no such thing as an impervious system. We're here to help you face the challenges that come with a security breach, from performing a root cause analysis to executing a remediation plan. A Raxis Incident Response engineer will make sure that you're covered as quickly as 24 hours after an event.

Plane Flying for Incident Response

Ultra Fast Response

We're always ready to help. Raxis can have a highly trained expert on site anywhere in the US within 24 hours or less.

Computer Retainer

Protect Yourself with a Retainer

Sign up for an annual retainer, which guarantees you access to someone immediately in the event of a breach. Unused hours may be redirected to performing your penetration test the following year!

Hackers working to catch hackers

Use a Hacker to Catch a Hacker

Raxis Incident Response consultants are whitehat hackers, frequently performing penetration tests when not working on an Incident Response case.

Customized Packages to Fit Any Need

While it's smart to protect your organization with an incident response retainer, often there are unused hours at the end of the term. Raxis allows retainer hours to be transferred to a penetration test, making your security budget go further. All travel and living expenses are covered with the retainer cost, including the last minute airplane ticket.

Raxis offers retainers from 1 to 3 years and guarantees that an engineer is available in as little as 24 hours. Since breaches can sometimes happen to many customers at once, Raxis allocates an engineer for every single retainer and never oversubscribes. You can rest assured we have you covered.

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