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Risk Assessments by Raxis

Raxis Secure Code Review Raxis performs Risk Assessments differently than the rest of the pack. Our security consultants are part of a team of professional whitehat hackers, which gives us much more experience than our competitors. While our pricing is competitive, we are not aiming to be the low cost vendor to help customers check a box. A risk assessment should be an accurate measurement of security risk, taking into account all vulnerabilities, configuration, and security controls. For example, an improper scope, a tool misconfiguration, or a high number of false positives would adversely impact the report.

"We use Raxis every year. They stay on top of security issues so we can focus on our business."
-VP/CISO of a multinational corporation

Raxis will ensure that the risk assessment delivered is an accurate representation of real world risk to your organization and act as a roadmap to help improve your security posture.

Rapid7 Nexpose

Rapid7 Nexpose

Raxis is a proud partner of Rapid7 and often utilizes Nexpose to deliver high quality results.

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Meets or exceeds Compliance Requirements

Raxis performs Security Risk Assessments in accordance to NIST 800-115, meeting or exceeding HIPAA and NERC CIP requirements.

Raxis Transporter for Remote Risk Assessments

Internal Risk Assessments,
without Travel Costs

Raxis Transporter provides an easy to deploy (and remove) connection to Raxis Security Consultants to perform a complete Risk Assessment.

Security Consulting

Raxis Security Consulting provides top-tier experts to assist in building your security program exactly how you want it. Raxis has written security policies and built programs for software companies, retailers, and medical facilities across the US and Central America. We've performed exhaustive testing of intrusion detection systems, recreated real world hacks as table top exercises, and investigated internal security incidents to determine root cause.

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