Continuous Scanning with the BSA

Raxis provides a monthly vulnerability scanning service that performs a security assessment of your network each month.

Raxis security engineers are highly skilled ethical hackers that are tasked with breaching the country’s largest businesses. They are hyper-aware of the attack vectors that exist in networks today. With the BSA, our engineers review the findings and indicate the ones that pose a real threat to your network. Utilizing their hacking expertise, a simple, easy to understand overview of the findings and remediation steps will ensure your network remains as secure as possible from attackers. Our validation process ensures that you're not chasing dead ends, ensuring you're always working on items that will make a difference in security. In addition, if a new security threat is released in the news, the Raxis team will scan your environment again to determine if you're affected.

No staff to repair the findings? No problem. Our partner, Sentibox, offers full service remediation so you can continue focusing on business.


Raxis uses a proven methodology through recurring vulnerability assessments that works. Each month your network(s) are scanned for vulnerabilities. Afterwards, a professional security engineer analyzes the scan and identifies the vulnerabilities that offer real threats to the business. The engineer then generates an executive summary detailing the vulnerabilities that pose real-world threats, assigns it an estimated level of risk, and provides a simple to understand remediation process to follow. This risk level corresponds to the engineer’s confidence that he or she would be able to exploit the vulnerability to a point of conducting nefarious conduct within your systems. This estimated level of risk (low, medium or high) is indicated by a simple graphic at the top of the report, making it easy to see the security threat of your network each month.

Emerging Threats

Aside from the monthly scan, all active members will also receive an ad-hoc scan any time a new vulnerability is discovered. For example, if another vulnerability such as Eternal Blue were to be announced, your networks would be scanned again for this specific threat, and you would be notified if you were susceptible to it or not – without additional cost.


  • Internal and external network scans

  • Credentialed or non-credentialed vulnerability analysis

  • Monthly point-in-time assessments

  • Emerging threat scans at any time

  • Executive summary created by Raxis engineers

  • Simple to understand remediation steps with support

  • Easy to read threat level icon

  • Full copy of the vulnerability scan provided with report

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Raxis is proud to partner with Sentibox for remediation services.