Incident Response

There is no such thing as an impervious system.

In 24 hours or less, Raxis is here to help you face the challenges that come with a security breach, from performing a root cause analysis to executing a remediation plan. We’ve helped companies all over the world with our threat simulation and breach response services. Raxis will quickly help you determine what was taken or damaged, how they breached your system, and how to quickly return to normal operations. Our process properly handles chain of custody to ensure validity of any evidence captured during the engagement. We can often respond quickly and have someone virtually on-site with our Transporter device, with or without a retainer. Unlike our competition, Raxis allows any unused retainer fees to be transferred into a penetration test.

Our offensive security expertise is unparalleled. Raxis knows how to think like a hacker as that is our business. Our ideal customer has a solid security team with strong defenses, but may need a help with finding out what happened, how extensive it is, and how to properly recover.

Threat Hunting

Are you under attack? Sometimes, it makes sense to go on a hunt. Using tools and knowledge from our penetration testing experience, we'll employ threat hunting techniques to follow tracks and neutralize any persistent threats that may be active in your systems. Our knowledge with breaching systems proves invaluable when seeking out persistent threats as we know what we would do, and subsequently what to look for. We will seek out any exfiltration processes that might be occurring covertly and help determine the extent.


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