R3: Raxis Rapid Response

An Incident Response retainer is a must have with today's external threats. You're protecting your organization with the latest tools and patches. You're having your environment penetration tested and hiring social engineering services to ensure that everything is buttoned up tightly. Unfortunately, security risk doesn't go away.

In the unfortunate case of a security breach, our R3 team is the best way to make sure you're able to recover properly and quickly.

24 Hour Rapid Response

Rest assured you're covered with a 24 hour response time, including providing an engineer on-site.

Retainer Rollover Flexibility

Unlike other retainer services, Raxis allows retainer fees to be transferred into a penetration test.

Fast Remote Response with Transporter

Through our Transporter remote service, you'll have lightning fast access to an R3 engineer.

Incident Response

Raxis understands there is no such thing as an impervious system. In 24 hours or less, our R3 retainer services are here to help you face the challenges that come with a security breach, from performing a root cause analysis to executing a remediation plan. Our process properly handles chain of custody to ensure validity of any evidence captured during the engagement.

Threat Hunting

Using tools and knowledge from our penetration testing experience, we'll employ threat hunting techniques to follow the tracks and neutralize any persistent threats that may be still active in your systems.