Expert Grade Cyber Security for the Energy and Utilities Sector

Electric power & utilities continue to be a major target for attackers around the world. In addition, other industries that work with oil, gas, and solar are also under attack due to their highly critical nature. Raxis has experience with hacking and securing SCADA and embedded systems to ensure you remain compliant with standards such as NIST, CIP, and NERC.

Raxis Energy and Utility customers include power plant facilities, energy sector software and hardware manufacturers, and major transportation logistics companies.

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Don't let attackers breach your critical infrastructure

Based on the concept of an insider threat, such as a contractor, vendor, or business parter, Raxis has been able to fully compromise systems at power plants, major shipping centers, and oil platforms. Fortunately these vulnerabilities were found by Raxis, and our customers were able to remediate and protect their critical infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

A simulated attack on your energy systems is designed to find security vulnerabilities you didn't know existed.

Social Engineering

Test the human element and discover weaknesses in your visitor and vendor processes that you never knew you had.

Phishing & Vishing

Both email and verbal/phone phishing are highly effective techniques to test security awareness.

NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

In addition to cyber security penetration testing, Raxis engineers can help with your NERC Vulnerability Assessment and Gap Remediation requirements as well. Our testing and consulting services meets NERC CIP Version 6 standards as ordered by FERC for implementation in 2016. We'll help you identify the assets in your electronic security perimeter and provide recurring security scanning for continuous security monitoring.