Web Application Security Testing

Custom software development drives the increased rate of innovation we're seeing with businesses today, however, it is easy to miss security vulnerabilities when you're trying to meet deadlines. Raxis has helped many customers with to build applications with security in mind, through application design consulting, secure code review, or a software & API penetration testing.

Our team is experienced in all major languages, including node.js, Python, Java, C, Ruby, PHP, and everything else. Most of our team has developed software in some capacity in prior roles, ensuring we have the background needed to understand both application development and security. If you're building a mobile app, we're experienced with security testing mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Let's discuss how Penetration Testing, RESTful/SOAP API Security Testing, or Secure Code Review can help. We'll find your flaws before someone else does.

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Penetration Testing

A simulated attack on your software application is designed to find security vulnerabilities you didn't know existed.

Secure Code Review

A line-by-line review of your code often reveals more than what can be seen from the interface.

API Security Testing

We'll put your API through a rigorous security test through the use of fuzzing and sending actual exploits.

REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, and Everything Else

Raxis penetration testers are also code developers that have a strong understanding of Application Programming Interface (API) calls. REST, or Representational State Transfer, is an architectural standard used in web based APIs. We've worked extensively with RESTful and SOAP calls for both mobile and traditional web applications. Raxis has been successful in performing privilege escalation, information disclosure, and database compromise on multiple past projects.