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Raxis penetration tests are customized for every situation. If you’re looking for a clean report, we can help by providing assistance and clear recommendations on how to remediate any findings. Then, we’ll perform a quick retest to validate everything has been resolved and provide an attestation that you’ve been tested with any gaps closed.

Proactive Testing is Invaluable

When it comes to security, it pays to find and close security gaps before it is too late. Companies have lost millions in damages from being attacked with ransomware and malicious hackers stealing user data. We’ll help you find those same gaps that the real hackers use and then remediate them before they can be exploited against you.

PCI DSS? No problem.

Raxis is a qualified third party penetration testing company that meets PCI DSS requirements for both internal and external testing. We’ll test for proper segmentation and the security posture of the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE). A NIST compliant penetration test report will be provided that will meet or exceed the requirements by your PCI auditor.

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