Penetration Testing

Find the security risks that you don't know about.

The Raxis penetration testing team conducts an actual hack attempt using manual testing techniques, including vulnerability/code exploitation and exfiltration of data. Our Atlanta based team consists of seasoned professionals who have worked the offensive and defensive side of information security, holding the OSCP, CISSP, and other certifications.

Our pentests help you build a business case and are different than what you've seen from our competition. We don't stop after obtaining Domain Admin or escalating to root access. Ending the hack early isn't what a real world hacker would do, and doesn't properly demonstrate the risk. With your support, we'll push further and extract actual business data from your most critical applications.

We exceed all regulatory requirements with all of our pentest services and have performed countless tests for PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, Meaningful Use, and other standards.

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