Red Team Exercise

Organizations use a red team exercise to test the effectiveness of both the human and technical elements of a security program.

Raxis takes on the role of the Red Team and will conduct a full scale penetration test while using covert techniques to avoid detection, which usually involves starting quietly and increasing the level of noise near the end. We’ll work with you to define the objectives to ensure that each component is properly tested. Our red team assessments usually last between 4 and 6 weeks and utilize between 2 and 4 ethical hackers, depending on the scope.

If a “purple team” engagement is needed, we will work with your Blue Team to coordinate our attacks and work closely with you to develop a stronger approach. Regardless of the style you choose, your organization will gain invaluable experience.

You Play Blue

The Blue Team has a tough job. They have to defend against every single attack, while the hacker only has to succeed once. Fortunately the Blue Team has some great tools and processes to help them, but how do you know if it is enough? This is where the Red Team assessment comes in by creating a real-world scenario that is actually played out against your defenses. Raxis can either disclose when the attacks are going to happen, or keep them hidden from your staff for a little extra realism. The attacks you’ll see aren’t just random exploits, Raxis will research your operation, determine what weaknesses might exist, and then execute a plan to distract your team to covertly deploy the attack.

Invaluable Results

The results from the Red Team simulation provide insight into the gaps of your entire security operation, encompassing both the technology and the people. The people and related processes are a critical aspect of the incident response process that requires thorough testing. Our simulation puts the entire process under a stress test, both for an attempted breach, and a successful one. This includes technical exploits, social engineering, and distraction techniques. Our team will almost always breach your network perimeter, however in the event we are unable, we can discuss options to create a successful compromise scenario.

Tabletop Exercise

If you’re not ready for the live-fire attacks on your infrastructure but still want to explore what gaps might exist in your incident response process, then the Tabletop Exercise is ideal. The Tabletop Exercise is a great way to evaluate your crisis management program.  Raxis will work closely with your security team to develop scenarios that are designed to test your management and technical incident response processes.  Multiple scenarios that are based on real-world threats in your industry will be utilized in a roundtable environment.  We’ll observe and measure your response based on your documented processes.


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