Terms & Policies



Sometimes it is necessary to prove to other parties, such as affiliates, other Customer employees, or law enforcement, that Raxis has been authorized to perform the work outlined.  By signing the statement of work, Customer is authorizing Raxis to perform all work outlined in this agreement.  This includes accessing, breaching, or attempting to access any systems or data that may normally have significant restrictions placed upon it.

As such, Customer agrees that Raxis, Inc., business partners, or staff working on this engagement will not be held liable for any system outage, service impact, or data loss resulting from this work.  Raxis agrees to make every effort to avoid adverse impact to Customer systems, however there is always an inherent risk in performing security auditing and testing on systems.


Customer shall be permitted to reschedule a consulting engagement one time with at least five (5) business days prior notice, without incurring fees. However, if Customer reschedules a consulting engagement more than one time without five (5) business days’ prior notice, Raxis will invoice and Customer will pay an additional fee of 25% of the Fee for the rescheduled phase in order to compensate Raxis for its costs associated with the rescheduling. Customer agrees to pay such amounts within 45 days of receipt of Raxis’ Invoice.

If any change to the schedule initiated by Customer causes the travel costs to exceed the agreed fixed travel cost amount, Customer will be responsible for any amount exceeding the fixed fees.  In any fees are incurred on behalf of the Customer under a direct billed travel arrangement due to rescheduling or cancellation, Customer will be responsible for the entire amount of those fees.


Raxis will bill 100% of the engagement estimate at the first day of signing and is due upon receipt.