Secure Code Review

Manual Cybersecurity
Code REviews

Build Security Into Your Code

Raxis utilizes a combination of manual code reviews and software tools to assist you in developing secure software.

We Put
CyberSecurity First

Build your code with cybersecurity baked into the foundation to stay ahead of evolving attack techniques.

Design issues

We use advanced tools to find code issues, provide feedback and improve your software quality.

Save Time,
Boost Productivity

Our code review process saves you time, boosts developer productivity, and helps achieve your business goals.

Gain Valuable

Code reviews help improve skills by receiving feedback from peers, fine-tuning code and becoming a more efficient dev.

Secure Code Review by Penetration Testers

Our code review procedure involves a handpicked team of expert penetration testing practitioners with extensive coding expertise. This team thoroughly scrutinizes each code line to identify any vulnerabilities. Through meticulous manual inspection, our clients receive detailed and comprehensive security results.

Uncover Business Logic Flaws

The manual examination of code can reveal defects that might go undetected by automated mechanisms. One such instance is when a user gains unauthorized access to records beyond their required scope. Due to software’s inability to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate access, scan tools are less effective in comparison to manual reviews.

Keep your Code Private Under NDA

At Raxis, the security of our clients’ code is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we have a strict policy of signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure the privacy and protection of your code during our code review process.

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Secure Code Reviews

Schedule a demonstration to see first-hand why Raxis’ manual secure code reviews outperform any other option on the market. With our expert team’s precision and cybersecurity experience, uncovering vulnerabilities and strengthening your security measures has never been easier.