Are your systems secure? Raxis can help you find your security weaknesses before it's too late.

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The most effective way to eliminate discover exploit patch repair security vulnerabilities

Trusted by over 1,500 satisfied customers, Raxis security consultants help organizations
stay secure through manual penetration testing, social engineering, and incident response services.

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Results Driven Penetration Testing

With a full menu of penetration testing options available, Raxis has the expertise to help you find and repair security weaknesses. We're different than our competitors as we manually test, actually exploit the vulnerabilities, and write a useful report that tells you how to fix them.

Email or Phone Customized Phishing

Based on lessons learned from actual malicious actors and years of experience tricking users to give up credentials, Raxis will design a spear phishing campaign and target specific people or groups to determinate your company's level of security awareness.

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Incident Response Retainers

Rest assured that you're covered in the event of a security breach with an Incident Response and Threat Hunting retainer with our R3: Raxis Rapid Response team. Unused hours at the end of the year? No worries, we'll let you roll hours over into a penetration test.