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Hassle-free Penetration Testing as a Service
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scan tools Can’t Find It All

Our attack to protect methodology uses the same tools and techniques as real hackers to help you uncover cybersecurity gaps that are hidden from vulnerability scanning tools.

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Red Team

When you must exhaust every option to find methods of compromise, the Raxis Red Team has defeated security controls for some of the most fortified systems in the world.

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PTaaS: Penetration Testing as a Service

No compromise Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) leverages career expert penetration testers along with Raxis One threat detection to quickly reveal emerging threats.

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Penetration Testing

Our industry focused attack simulation and service safely uses the same tools and methods as real hackers to uncover hidden cybersecurity vulnerabilities that scanners miss.

Industry Specific Testing

Raxis specializes in providing industry specific tailored penetration testing for customers, which means our team has in-depth knowledge of the particular security challenges faced by different industries.

This includes working closely with medical institutions to maintain functional and stable systems during testing, providing support for electrical power plants to ensure safe and reliable operations, implementing rigorous security measures for the hotel industry, and helping companies in the financial sector strengthen their defenses against cyber attacks and data breaches.

This allows us to create customized testing scenarios that closely mimic real-world attacks for more accurate and effective results. Our approach ensures that our customers receive targeted penetration testing services that address their unique security and reliability concerns.

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Our work in numbers

At Raxis, our team of expert engineers are passionate about security, and our track record of satisfied customers and high employee retention rate proves it. We strive to provide top-notch services that exceed expectations and ensure our clients have the utmost confidence in their cybersecurity.

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Stop hackers in their tracks

Raxis engineers relentlessly search for potential attack vectors on your live systems and provide a continuous detailed remediation report, allowing you to close gaps before the hackers can gain a foothold.

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You’re in control with Raxis One

Use Raxis One, our innovative console for on-demand pentesting, to view the latest details on your attack surface in real time, prioritize remediation, and easily retest your technology platforms.

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Easy to connect, easy to remove Remote Access

Our Transporter device provides easy access for our penetration testers to perform remote internal network penetration testing, wireless network testing, or act as a malicious insider.

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Data exfiltration demonstrates value

A demonstration of the real risk stemming from cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Many of our competitors skip this very important part of ethical hacking; we do not.

Our customers have a lot to say

“The team from Raxis are true professionals. They immediately added capabilities, tools and an experienced perspective to our team. You can count on them to deliver exactly what their proposal contains as scheduled.”

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“We have been so impressed with the work and reporting from Raxis that we have used them three years in a row for our testing. They are easy to work with, and, when we have a last minute test, they manage to help us out and get it done.”

“Raxis is a great company to work with. The personnel we have worked with are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.”

“I loved working with the Raxis Team. They were timely and efficient. They did a great job on reporting and offering guidance from multiple sources for how to execute remediation.”

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Fortify Your Defenses

Industry specific penetration tests resolve real-world cybersecurity vulnerabilities that exist in your environment