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Mark Puckett

Born and raised in Georgia, Mark has spent over 30 years as an information security expert and entrepreneur. His extensive career has included working with some of the biggest and most renowned organizations in the world, giving him a unique perspective on the technology industry. Mark is a proven leader in the field, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of information security.

Founded in 2011 by Mark, Raxis was created to address the growing demand for comprehensive and meaningful penetration testing services in the industry. As the leader of Raxis, Mark is responsible for charting the direction of the company, leading it through tremendous growth and expansion over the last few years. Under his guidance, Raxis has evolved from a sole proprietorship into a dynamic and thriving team of top-performing employees serving clients nationwide. With an unmatched dedication to delivering exceptional results, Raxis is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing unparalleled value to every client.

Mark’s work background is firmly rooted in the city of Atlanta, spanning across a variety of roles at major corporations such as GE Energy, Nortel Networks, and Symantec. In his previous position with Home Depot, Mark oversaw the global Red Team operation, which was responsible for identifying any potential vulnerabilities that could jeopardize the company’s cybersecurity. Mark brings a wealth of experience in managing and leading high-performing teams, driving significant business growth, and utilizing his expertise in cybersecurity to conduct ethical hacking.

Mark has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the field of information security, earning multiple certifications including the prestigious CISSP, CISM, and ISSAP. He is also a proud alumnus of Georgia State University, where he obtained his BBA in Computer Information Systems in 1996. Since then, Mark has stayed heavily involved in the tech community, lending his expertise to students and non-profit organizations alike. In 2023, he served as a judge for a hacking competition at Georgia Tech hosted by HackGT, a student-led organization dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in cybersecurity and computer science.

Besides his love for technology, photography, and automobiles, Mark also enjoys spending his free time with his family or racing around the famous track of Road Atlanta. As a cybersecurity expert, Mark can be found constantly studying and learning about the newest hacks and ways to exploit them. But when he’s not sitting behind his desk, you can spot him in Marietta, GA where he resides with his wife and beautiful daughters.

Mark Puckett
Chief Operating Officer

Bonnie Smyre

With more than 25 years of extensive experience in the information technology industry, Bonnie is recognized as a highly skilled and knowledgeable leader in the field. Her impressive career in information security dates back to 2004, where she first entered the industry and quickly established herself as a standout professional. For the past seven years, Bonnie has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Raxis, a role that requires her to oversee various critical operations and make important decisions for the company’s success.

In her capacity as COO, Bonnie oversees the day-to-day operations of Raxis. The company conducts over 600 penetration tests annually, serving clients across the globe. Her purview extends beyond technical matters; she also manages the company’s financials, including payroll and budgeting. Since her initial days at Raxis, Bonnie has played a pivotal role in steering the company toward substantial growth.

Before joining Raxis, Bonnie spent nearly 2 years as the lead application security and development engineer at PBS North Carolina. Her focus during this time was on secure software design, hardened application coding, and protected data storage. Prior to that, she held lead roles at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, further honing her expertise.

Bonnie’s educational foundation includes a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the University of North Carolina. Her extensive background as an information security expert has also led her to become a familiar face on Fox 5 TV in Atlanta, where she frequently shares insights on current technology news stories. With her experience in the cybersecurity industry, Bonnie has become a trusted source for up-to-date and accurate information on topics such as data breaches, network security, and the latest cybersecurity threats. She is dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness about the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age.

Beyond her professional achievements, Bonnie enjoys life in Marietta, GA, a stone’s throw away from bustling Atlanta. Her journey exemplifies dedication, expertise, and a commitment to advancing the field of information security.

Bonnie Smyre
Chief Penetration Testing Officer

Brian Tant

With nearly three decades of experience in the security industry, Brian Tant is an executive at Raxis who has spent the past 15 years hacking into systems. His unparalleled level of expertise and in-depth technical knowledge in the field of system exploitation is what sets Raxis apart in the realms of penetration testing and Red Team services. Widely sought after by clients for his exceptional blend of business acumen and technical prowess, Brian has consistently delivered value to countless organizations globally throughout his illustrious career.

Since his start in 2012, Brian has also delivered training and spoken at conferences on subjects including exploitation frameworks, adversarial techniques, threat modeling, premises security, social engineering, and vulnerability management. As he is responsible for all things hacking at Raxis, Brian continues to be an integral part of the substantial growth that Raxis has experienced over the years. As the demand for cybersecurity continues to rise, Brian has played a key role in educating and training individuals and businesses on how to protect themselves from potential threats. With his expertise and knowledge, Raxis has become a leader in the industry, providing valuable services to clients and making a significant impact in the world of cybersecurity.

Brian enjoys technology, agriculture, and beekeeping. When not demonstrating risk to Fortune 100 companies, he manages a small farm outside of Atlanta with his wife and daughter.

Vice President, Business Development

Brad Herring

As the Vice President of Business Development at Raxis, Brad Herring has been a driving force behind the company’s impressive growth and success. His keen understanding of the industry and dedication to driving sales and creating strategic partnerships have positioned Raxis as a leader in the field of penetration testing. Working tirelessly with his team, Brad is constantly seeking out innovative and forward-thinking strategies to increase revenue and propel Raxis towards even greater achievements in the realm of cybersecurity. With his invaluable expertise and unwavering commitment, Brad is a key player in solidifying Raxis’ reputation as a top provider of comprehensive and effective security solutions.

Since joining the company in 2016, Brad has significantly expanded Raxis’ revenues, enabling the hiring of additional engineers and sales professionals. He also shares his expertise in the cybersecurity industry by speaking at conferences, helping companies better understand and mitigate their security risks. With Brad at the helm of business development, Raxis continues to thrive and provide top-notch services to its clients.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and being outdoors. On a nice day you’ll likely see him on his vintage tractor doing various projects around the house. Brad resides on the north side of the greater Atlanta area with his wife and two children.

Technical Director, Software & Engineering

Adam Fernandez

Adam Fernandez has been with Raxis since 2017 and currently holds multiple important roles within the company. As the Director of Penetration Testing, Adam leads a team of highly skilled individuals to provide top-notch security services to clients. In addition, he also oversees software development for Raxis One, a powerful platform that streamlines and enhances the penetration testing process. Alongside these responsibilities, Adam also manages internal IT operations, ensuring that Raxis’ infrastructure and systems are secure and efficient. Despite his busy schedule, Adam stays sharp in his field by actively conducting penetration tests and honing his skills when needed.

With more than 13 years of experience in various development roles, Adam brings a unique skill set to the team at Raxis. His expertise spans a broad range of areas, from web applications and mobile applications to API’s and databases. This extensive background enables him to approach penetration testing with a strategic advantage, allowing him to write custom code and scripts during assessments. Adam has conducted numerous assessments on web applications, code bases, and network configurations for clients in the financial, healthcare, and security industries. His contributions have played a critical role in the rapid growth that Raxis has experienced, making him a valuable asset to the company.

In his spare time, Adam can be found writing code, working on specialized exploits, dissecting security systems, and studying network vulnerabilities. When you can pry him away from a computer, he enjoys watching science-fiction films and television shows, as well as hiking and camping. Adam resides in the Atlanta area.

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