Jaret Rader
Meet the Team: Jaret Rader, Development Support Technician

Meet the Team: Jaret Rader enjoys everything from robotics to scuba diving, and he still[…]

Nathan Anderson Kayaking
Meet the Team: Nathan Anderson, Lead Penetration Tester

Meet the Team: Nathan Anderson is Raxis’ newest lead penetration tester. From hiking to pentesting[…]

Brice Jager
Meet the Team: Brice Jager, Lead Penetration Tester

Meet the Team: Brice Jager, a lead penetration tester at Raxis whose career ranges from[…]

Jim McClellan
Meet the Team: Jim McClellan, Marketing Director

Raxis’ new marketing director, Jim McClellan, talks about the unusual career path that led from[…]

Cole Stafford
Meet the Team: Cole Stafford, Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative Cole Stafford brings cyber savvy to the Raxis sales team. Read to[…]

Ashlyn Puckett
Meet the Team: Ashlyn Puckett, Social Media Specialist

Ashlyn Puckett is a social media specialist with Raxis. Find out more about her job[…]

Mark Fabian
Meet the Team: Mark Fabian, Senior Penetration Tester

Mark Fabian worked his way up through the IT career field before arriving at his[…]

Andrew Trexler
Meet the Team: Andrew Trexler, Senior Penetration Tester

Senior penetration tester Andrew Trexler has a penchant for breaking in and blowing up. Read[…]

Mark Puckett
Meet the Team: Mark Puckett, CEO

How did Raxis come to be? Learn how Raxis’ founder and CEO Mark Puckett brought[…]

Brad Herring
Meet the Team: Brad Herring, VP of Business Development

Brad Herring is the Raxis VP of Business Development — the first person most of[…]

Brian Tant
Meet the Team: Brian Tant, VP of Engineering

Brian Tant is Raxis’ Chief Technology Officer. Learn more about how he became a rock-star[…]

Bonnie Smyre
Meet the Team: Bonnie Smyre, Chief Operating Officer

Often serving as the public face of Raxis, Bonnie Smyre is a veteran IT pro[…]