Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)
Raxis listed as a Sample Vendor for Penetration Testing as a Service in two 2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ reports

We’re proud to announce that Gartner identified Raxis as a Sample Vendor for Penetration Testing[…]

yellow race car porsche on track
We made a few changes

Things move fast around here. What’s different? Our static content and our blog. Graphics,[…]

5 Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Take Away from the Starlink Hack

The hack of SpaceX’s Starlink shouldn’t distract security pros from the terrestrial threats that are[…]

Regulations Compliance Rules Standards Policies
Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector: Regulations are Approaching Reality

The FTC has finalized changes to the GLBA Safeguards Rule. Here’s our take on these[…]

Cyber Warfare
Cyber Civil Defense: We Can All Fight the Russians

If you’re outraged over the invasion of Ukraine, there are some things you can do[…]

Why Our Team is Excited about the Purchase of Boscloner

Here’s what the Raxis team members have to say about our recent purchase of the[…]

Two people at laptops sending data at each other
Why Mutual Assured Destruction is an Incomplete Cyber Defense Strategy

Is the threat of full-scale retaliation enough to prevent large-scale cyberattacks? Raxis’ COO Bonnie Smyre,[…]

Emblem of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation
NSA, FBI, CISA Statement on Russian SVR Activity

The US government is warning businesses to beware of vulnerabilities being exploited by the Russian[…]

Offensive Security with Raxis Podcast
Exploring Attack Security: Insights from Raxis Experts

In this episode of Confident Defense podcast, Conor Sherman engages in an enlightening conversation with[…]

Tesla symbol on wet car
Tesla Proves People are First Line of Cyber Defense

Tesla’s cybersecurity was tested recently. A well-trained, loyal employee stopped the planned hack in its

Hand using plastic card to open a locked door
Windows 10 Vulnerability Highlights Need for Physical Security Testing

A Windows 10 security problem offers an excellent example of what can happen when a[…]