Raxis Team Playing a Joke on Managers
Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Whitehat Hackers

Raxis’ team of whitehat hackers is always looking for the best & brightest penetration testers.[…]

Offensive Security OSCP
So, You Want to Earn Your OSCP?

What’s it like to earn your OSCP? Raxis senior penetration tester Andrew Trexler talks about[…]

Are you ready for Raxis?
A Note from the Hacker-in-Chief

Concluding our series about working for Raxis is a message from our CEO, Mark Puckett.

Freedom and Responsibility are our Cornerstones
A Culture of Freedom with an Expectation of Results

Freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand at Raxis. And we offer our team plenty of both.

Pivoting in an Ever-Changing Environment
Change is Growth in the Pen Testing Field

At Raxis, additional skills mean more opportunities to grow. Lead Developer Adam Fernandez talks about[…]

When one succeeds, we all succeed
Client Success is Raxis’ Success

Communication is the key to success for Raxis and for our customer. Here’s why.

Always learning means continuous improvement
At Raxis, Learning and Improving are Constants

Continuous improvement is the name of the game at Raxis. Hear from our own Matt[…]

Teamwork is our secret sauce
Why Teamwork is Key to the Raxis Culture

Success as a Raxis penetration tester means thriving in a team environment. This blog post[…]

Pen Testing is a Puzzle Not a Checklist
What’s it Like to Work at Raxis?

Find out what it’s like to work at Raxis. Part one of our video series.