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In the past few weeks lay-offs at several large pentesting companies have been in the news. At Raxis we understand the struggle to find and keep strong talent while balancing that with continuing sales to keep profitable, but it may be more than that.

With the recent announcement of layoffs that we’ve seen in cybersecurity firms, I can’t help but wonder if these bigger companies are missing the target due to their corporate nature and overly broad service offerings.

Raxis CEO, Mark Puckett

We’ve often been tempted to add on to Raxis’ offerings to meet customer’s needs or to join growing markets, but we always come back to a focus on pentesting. From red teams to security reviews, network pentests to application tests, our pentesters are experts in their field and enjoy their work. That’s what keeps them learning (don’t remind them that counts as work and not just fun!) and it’s also what allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality actionable results.

We’ve had many pentesters come to us stating that they no longer want to work for larger operations.

And we get that. I feel the same way, but it feels good to know that the team at Raxis agrees and feels that we’ve built a company where each of us is a key part of the team and feels appreciated. There are no small roles at Raxis, and each of us knows that.

Being small allows us to maintain our strong feeling of camaraderie, despite the limitations of being virtual. We make it a point to get to know each other, have ‘zoom happy-hours,’ and encourage chatting on things outside of work from time to time on Slack.

Being 100% virtual makes for a very short commute and a pleasant work environment, but that’s not what makes Raxis special. Our team is very supportive, not just for work but also because we respect each other and feel a strong connection. If one of us collects Spam containers (you know who you are), the rest of us send photos of odd Spam we find (in the most surprising places). From kid’s birthday parties to cracking a difficult password, our team is there for each other.

We are largely a group of whitehat hackers, making it much easier to attract top talent in our industry.

That’s honestly what makes it so fun to work at Raxis. We’re a group of folks who care about helping companies stay secure. Our job is a lot of fun, but, in the end, we feel good about what we do.

Interesting in joining the team? We’re looking for part-time contractor pentesters now. US citizens residing in the United States can apply on our Careers page.

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