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Change is Growth in the Pen Testing Field

Pivoting in an Ever-Changing Environment

Ask most of us at Raxis what we do, and we’ll tell you we’re penetration testers or ethical hackers or simply that we work for a cybersecurity company. But if you ask what that means – what we really do on a day-to-day basis – you’ll likely get a variety of fun stories about sneaking into buildings, bluffing our way past security guards, using high-tech equipment and special software to hack into networks . . . you know, the usual things.

That’s partly because the field of penetration testing requires us to try many different approaches to breach a customer’s defenses, which means the more skillsets we bring to the job, the better our chances. But it’s also because Raxis is a company where those additional talents are rewarded with opportunities to grow.

In this week’s video, Adam Fernandez explains how his journey at Raxis has taken him from pen tester to his current role as our Lead Developer. 

Adam is a great example of the unique talent we have at Raxis and the type of multifaceted professionals we look for to join our team. His professional growth is helping our company grow and in turn opening up new opportunities for all of us.

Are you the kind of person who brings more than one set of skills to the job? Are you looking for a team where flexibility and adaptability are appreciated and rewarded? If so, take a look at the other articles in this series and let us hear from you.