Why Teamwork is Key to the Raxis Culture

As individuals, the members of the Raxis team are among the most talented and accomplished people in the field of information security. They are super-smart high performers who have been or could be successful in many different lines of work. Yet, they have chosen to be a part of Raxis.

Why? For one thing, the job is interesting and rewarding. Knowing that we’re giving business owners and corporate leaders peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their priorities is a very satisfying experience. And it’s hard to beat the sense of accomplishment that comes from solving the ‘puzzles’ that CTO Brian Tant discussed in a previous post.

An even more important benefit, however, is the sense that, as Raxis, we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s because effective teamwork creates a multiplier effect. We get the benefit of more minds working on tough problems and we have opportunities to learn and teach each other as we do. 

The diversity of our team means that there’s always someone we can turn to who brings a different background and skillset to bear. As they do, we all gain new perspectives. The beautiful part is that the learning and improvement is continuous in the Raxis environment.

As you might expect, this makes us very protective of our culture and very particular about who we ask to join us. Big talent is welcome. Big egos need not apply. It’s sometimes hard for us to find the right person only because it’s so hard to be the right person.

Is that person you? Take a look at the video above and hear Brad Herring, our VP of Business Development, explain why teamwork truly is our special sauce. Also, check out our other videos in this series and see if Raxis looks like a good fit. 


Want to learn more? Take a look at the next part of our Working at Raxis discussion.

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Teamwork is our secret sauce
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