At Raxis, Learning and Improving are Constants

In today’s video, you’ll hear from Lead Penetration Tester Matt Dunn, the newest member of our team, about why he appreciates the learning environment we’ve created and continue to nurture at Raxis. 

Matt actually came to Raxis with several certifications under his belt and another now in progress. That proactive quest for knowledge was a good sign that he would be a great fit on our team and was among the reasons we hired him. As it turns out, we were right: Not only has he done excellent work as a penetration tester, Matt has also published his first Metasploit Module. (For the uninitiated, that is a very big deal in the pen testing world.)

To be clear, it is certainly possible to be an outstanding penetration tester without professional certifications. Likewise, I’m sure there are bad testers out there with walls full of them. As with Matt, however, taking the initiative and making the effort suggests that you are willing and able to learn – and that is a key differentiator for both pen testers and the companies that employ them.

Why? Because the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and our knowledge and skills have to keep pace. That means the pros that make up our team have to be smart enough to hit the ground running and humble enough to continue learning once they’re on board. 

Listen to Matt describe his experience, and you’ll get an idea of what this means in practice.

At Raxis, we foster a learning environment, not just through research and certification training, but also through open communication among our team members. This group includes people from diverse backgrounds who each bring unique skills to the table. When we hire, we look for individuals who are both willing to share their talents with us and also able to learn from the other accomplished professionals on our team.

Do you thrive in a learning culture? If so, Raxis might just be for you. Be sure to check out our other videos in this series and see if Raxis is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. 

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