Client Success is Raxis’ Success

At Raxis, we find communication with our clients is one of the most critical and key components of our service. 

Throughout the penetration testing process we are communicating with our clients through daily updates, at the end we provide not only a debriefing call but also a full report describing what we found, what it means for them, and steps they can take to resolve any issues uncovered throughout the process. 

In the video above, Raxis Senior Manager of Operations and Customer Delivery Tim Semchenko explains how critical the after-action reporting is for our clients.

It is undeniable that finding network security vulnerabilities and helping our clients shore up those weak spots is a huge component of what we do. However, the key to a successful engagement between us and the client is all about the communication. Our penetration testers must be able to not only find security flaws but also to accurately communicate these issues with the client as well as detail how to remedy them. 

We could simply drop a report on your desk showing what we found and what to do to fix it, but that just isn’t who we are. We want our clients to feel that Raxis is a trusted partner who respects them and is there to help them understand every aspect of their report.

By treating customers like partners, we ensure our success is based on your success. 

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