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“After graduation, I’m heading to the United States Naval Academy and plan to major in cyber operations.”

Cameron Colavito

At Raxis, we love what we do, and we relish any opportunity to share our passion with the next generation of cyber professionals, so I was thrilled when Cameron Colavito, a senior at the Lovett School in Atlanta, asked to interview me for her senior project focusing on cybersecurity. 

During the interview Cameron asked what I believe is the most important trait for cybersecurity leaders to possess. I knew my answer immediately – integrity, without a doubt. Businesses, schools, individuals, and families all trust cybersecurity professionals to protect their most sensitive data from attacks, leaving these cyber pros with an extreme amount of power. And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. 

We take the responsibility we’ve been entrusted with very seriously at Raxis, and we’re so glad to see that schools are giving students the opportunity to learn ethical practices as well. Judging from her project description below, Cameron will be more than ready for a future in this field.

“The concept of my senior project is to learn about how cyber security professionals handle ethical hacking, leadership, and education. I have the opportunity to interview professionals in the field, as well as take up a spring internship with Curricula. During my internship, I will experience how they lead and educate their customers on important cyber issues such as ransomware, social engineering, information security, etc.

“After graduation, I’m heading to the United States Naval Academy and plan to major in cyber operations. I am excited to see how this field of study becomes a reality in businesses such as Curricula, Raxis, and this growing industry.”

Cameron Colavito

I will add that Cameron has earned a great honor with her acceptance into Annapolis. If she sticks with cybersecurity, she will have an opportunity upon graduation to be an officer in the Navy’s information warfare community. In that role, she will help lead the ongoing fight against nations and non-state actors in an ongoing battle to protect our critical information systems.

It has never been more important for us to encourage the next generation’s best and brightest to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Given the threats we face from within and from abroad, the opportunities are limitless. For those like Cameron, who answer the call with initiative and integrity, I expect that future will be incredibly rewarding.

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Letter to Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre from Lovett School student Cameron Colavito
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