A Culture of Freedom with an Expectation of Results

When it comes to choosing a job, there are so many things to consider – benefits, responsibilities, leadership, and of course pay — to name just a few.

But for many, a company’s culture is near the top of that list. In fact, an Indeed survey found that 72 percent of job seekers say that it is extremely or very important to see details about company culture in job descriptions. The survey also found that 46 percent of job seekers said they would not apply to a job if they did not believe it would be a good culture fit for them. That’s pretty eye opening.

At Raxis, we look for talented people we know will work well with our unique culture. If you think that makes us very selective when hiring, I’d say that’s accurate. But here’s why: We give our employees a great deal of freedom about when and how to get their jobs done. With a fully remote team, we hire people who don’t need constant supervision and instruction. Instead, they are driven by a powerful desire to get results for our customers, and we hold them accountable for doing just that.

Not everyone works well in that type of environment — and that’s okay. There are lots of tech jobs with an abundance of structure and routine. But if you’re the type who thrives outside a rigid environment, and you do your best work independently, check out the video below (and others in the series).

Raxis lead penetration tester Scottie Cole talks about the freedom he has as a Raxis team member and the tremendous responsibility that comes along with it.

We know how important culture is to prospective employees. It’s just that important to Raxis, too. If you’re a talented cybersecurity pro who values flexibility and is committed to results, you’re the kind of person we want to hear from.

For more information, check out our careers page and the rest of our website to see what we offer.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the first part of our Working at Raxis discussion.

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Freedom and Responsibility are our Cornerstones
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