Raxis Team Playing a Joke on Managers
Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Whitehat Hackers

Raxis’ CEO Mark Puckett ponders the recent layoffs at several large pentesting firms and shares[…]

raxis team members at the lake, about to fall out of a tube
Stay Afloat

Brian and Brad go tubing at the lake with Mark on his boat. It[…]

yellow race car porsche on track
We made a few changes

Things move fast around here. What’s different? Our static content and our blog. Graphics,[…]

Log4 Exploit Walkthrough
Log4j: How to Exploit and Test this Critical Vulnerability

In this article, Raxis’ CEO Mark Puckett describes how penetration testers and ethical hackers can[…]

Raxis PTaaS uses AI along with talented human pentesters to keep your company secure
How Artificial Intelligence Will Power Raxis Continuous Penetration Testing

Artificial intelligence will soon be one of the engines driving Raxis’ continuous penetration testing offering.[…]

Penetration Testing Price vs Value
How Much Should You Pay for a Penetration Test?

How much do penetration tests cost? Raxis CEO Mark Puckett explains how to make sure[…]

Entering the Metaverse: You are the Real Commodity

Raxis’ CEO Mark Puckett explains why we might not wake up in the metaverse tomorrow,[…]

Mark Puckett
Meet the Team: Mark Puckett, CEO

How did Raxis come to be? Learn how Raxis’ founder and CEO Mark Puckett brought[…]

Corporate Cybersecurity
What Companies Should be Telling Investors about Cybersecurity

Investors shoulder much of a company’s cybersecurity risks. They deserve as much information about the[…]

Are you ready for Raxis?
A Note from the Hacker-in-Chief

Concluding our series about working for Raxis is a message from our CEO, Mark Puckett.

Happy New Year! (Good riddance, 2020)
The Most Important Cybersecurity Lessons of 2020

This past year was one to remember. Here are a couple of cybersecurity lessons we[…]

Shawn Ireland interviews Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre on Ohio’s Fox 28's morning show
Raxis COO Shares WFH Cybersecurity Tips on Columbus, Ohio’s Fox 28

“Protect your data in the same way you protect your health.” That’s the main message[…]