How Artificial Intelligence Will Power Raxis Continuous Penetration Testing

A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Tesla’s Elon Musk feuded very publicly over whether artificial intelligence (AI) would be the key to unlocking our true potential as humans (Zuck) or spell doom for our species and perhaps the Earth itself (Musk). Apparently, neither of them accepts the notion that AI, like all technology, will expose us to new concerns even as it improves our lives.

Meanwhile, here in reality, business owners are still facing the less dramatic, but more urgent threat posed by all-too-human hackers. Most seek money, some are in it for fame, others cause havoc, and many want all of the above. It’s against this mob that Raxis is using AI, more accurately called machine learning, to give honest companies an upper hand in the fight.

Here’s how it works:

Human Talent Sets Us Apart

Raxis has built an incredible team of elite, ethical hackers, who are all the more effective because of their diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Our process starts with a traditional penetration test. Based on our customers’ parameters, we set our team to work testing your defenses.

Think of this like your annual physical at the doctor’s office (without the embarrassing paper gown). Our goal at this stage is to find ways into your network and determine where we can go from there. Once you know where you’re vulnerable, you can remediate and feel more comfortable that your defenses are solid.

AI Extends Human Capabilities

One major challenge of staying cybersecure is that new threats are emerging and new vulnerabilities are being discovered even as I write this sentence. The point of continuous penetration testing is that we leverage technology to account for the pace of this change. Our smart systems will continually probe your defenses looking for new weaknesses – with software that is updated in real time.

In keeping with my earlier example, this part of the process is analogous to wearing a heart monitor and having routine blood work. As long as everything remains normal, we let the system do its job.

Humans Enhance AI Effectiveness

When our AI discovers an anomaly, it alerts our team members, who quickly determine if it’s a false positive or a genuine threat. If it’s the former, we’ll simply note it in your Raxis One customer portal, so you don’t waste time chasing it down. The latter, however, will trigger an effort by our team to exploit the vulnerability, pivot, and see how far we can go.

Consider this exploratory surgery. We know there’s a problem, and we want to understand the extent so that you can fix it as quickly as possible. That’s why we give you a complete report of the vulnerability, any redacted data that we were able to exfiltrate, and storyboards to show you how we did it.

More than a Vulnerability Scan

If you’re familiar with vulnerability scanning, you’ll immediately recognize why the Raxis Continuous Penetration Testing is different . . . and better. Ours is not a one-and-done test, nor is it a set-it-and-forget-it process. Instead, you have the advantage of skilled penetration testers, aided by technology, diligently monitoring your network.

AI isn’t ready to change the trajectory of the human race just yet, but it is improving our ability to protect the critical computer networks we rely on.

If you’d like to learn more, just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss putting this new service to work for your company.


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