Medical workers
Why We Always Harp on Healthcare

Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre discusses the need for strong security in all areas of healthcare[…]

How to Create an Active Directory Test Environment
How to Create an AD Test Environment

This post will show you how to setup a simple Active Directory (AD) test environment.[…]

How to Hire a Penetration Testing Firm Part Two
How to Hire a Penetration Testing Firm Part Two

Raxis’ COO Bonnie Smyre continues her two-part series on how to hire a penetration testing

Penetration Testing Types
How to Hire a Penetration Testing Firm – Part 1

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Matt Dunn Mathur
Reporting Tools for Large Penetration Tests

Raxis lead penetration tester Matt Dunn has developed three new tools to make it easier[…]

Raxis PTaaS uses AI along with talented human pentesters to keep your company secure
How Artificial Intelligence Will Power Raxis Continuous Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing Price vs Value
How Much Should You Pay for a Penetration Test?

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Why Our Team is Excited about the Purchase of Boscloner

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Computer, tablet and smart phone
What You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask) about Raxis Web App Testing

When testing web applications, the diverse skills Raxis brings to the table ensure that you[…]

Raxis Transporter
Raxis’ Transporter Enables Remote Penetration Testing

The Raxis Transporter enables the company to conduct internal and wireless pentests remotely.

Pen Testing is a Puzzle Not a Checklist
What’s it Like to Work at Raxis?

Find out what it’s like to work at Raxis. Part one of our video series.

Senior Manager Operations & Customer Delivery, Tim Semchenko
Three Reasons Why a Penetration Test Won’t Break Your Network

Fear not the penetration test for it is a good thing that brings no harm[…]