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Our engineers specialize in finding cybersecurity risks that you didn’t know you had

The team at Raxis mostly consists of ethical hackers and career information security experts. Our roots start from providing best of breed penetration testing services to Fortune 500 companies. Building upon what we’ve always done best, Raxis expanded our offering to include services geared toward helping customers locate and remediate as many potential security vulnerabilities as possible.

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Atlanta based, global reach

Raxis was founded in 2011 by Mark Puckett, an Atlanta information security expert who saw a burning need for more realistic penetration testing. Many larger companies claimed to do pentests, but few were doing it right — and none were doing it very well.

In response, Mark assembled an elite team of security pros — certified, skilled experts who shared his view that pentesting had become stale and predictable. While competitors were building programs around their customers’ last breach, Raxis was working to anticipate the next one.

Today, Raxis is proud to have clients all over the world using a fully work-from-home team that resides all over the United States. Visit our Meet The Team blog to learn more about the smart, fun people that make up our amazing team.

Still along the lines of penetration testing, Raxis has since expanded our mission to help companies uncover hidden cybersecurity risk.

We’ve kept our fun, easy-going culture

Very quickly, Raxis services were in high demand among businesses with much at stake. Corporate customers who had invested heavily in cybersecurity needed a better way to make sure they were truly protected. Raxis simulated testing, built from the perspective of a determined and clever adversary, proved far more effective than traditional services.

Since the beginning, Raxis has had a great company culture. We have a healthy mix of really fun work and plenty of personal time outside of work. Our team knows when to focus hard and get the job done, and, as a matter of fact, we love what we do. Anyone can get burned out, and the entire team knows that’s a real risk.

It’s even more real to pentesters because we absolutely love what we do, and sometimes we can’t put down the keyboard when we’re hot on the trail of a potential breach. We’re always joking around on our Slack instance, catching up on family news via our Zoom calls, or sharing the coolest new hacks that we find online. Best of all, we are not afraid to ask each other for help.

This ego-free environment fosters a help-each-other culture that is our real secret to success. As a virtual company, we know we have to work extra hard to build in-company relationships, and we do that by offering to help a fellow pentester with some ideas or maybe picking up the phone to check in. Yeah, it’s really as good as it sounds to work at Raxis.

Now an award-winning leader in its space, Raxis conducts more than 600 penetration tests a year, sometimes even to double-check the work of our competitors. We also assess cyber defenses, train security teams, and monitor for new threats. Our team has fun together; check out our blog! We happily serve satisfied customers all over the world and have built many incredible partnerships with leading companies to resell our services.

Atlanta skyline at Piedmont park

Meet our leadership team


Mark Puckett

A Georgia native, Mark is a career information security expert and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience working in technology, including some of the largest organizations in the world.

In 2011, Mark founded Raxis to answer the need for more realistic and insightful penetration testing in the market. He currently is responsible for the direction of Raxis and has led the business through exponential growth over the past several years, transforming Raxis from a single person operation to a growing national team of high performance employees.

Mark’s work background is entirely based in the Atlanta area, and includes providing business leadership in the area of cybersecurity for GE Energy, Nortel Networks, and Symantec. In a prior role at Home Depot, Mark managed the global Red Team operation, charged with locating vulnerabilities that could affect business cybersecurity. Mark has extensive experience in managing high performing teams, driving strong business growth, and performing cybersecurity hacking on occasion.

Mark holds many information security certifications, including the CISSP, CISM, and ISSAP. In addition, he obtained his BBA in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University in 1996. In 2023, Mark assisted a student led non-profit organization, HackGT, as a judge for a hacking competition at Georgia Tech.

In his spare time Mark enjoys technology, photography, and automobiles. When he’s not at his desk reading about the latest hacks, you’ll find Mark hanging out with his family or racing around Road Atlanta. Mark lives in the Marietta, GA area with his wife and three daughters.

Mark Puckett
Chief Operating Officer

Bonnie Smyre

Bonnie has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, 16 years in information security, and has served as Chief Operating Officer of Raxis since 2014. In this position, Bonnie oversees the operations of Raxis’ day-to-day business, which currently performs over 600 penetration tests per year covering customers all over the world. Bonnie also is responsible for the company financials, including payroll and budgeting. Since her start, Bonnie has been a key part of leading Raxis to achieving substantial growth.

Prior to joining Raxis, Bonnie worked for almost 2 years as the lead application security and development engineer at PBS North Carolina. In this role and previous lead roles at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bonnie focused on secure software design, hardened application coding, and protected data storage.

Bonnie has a BA from the University of North Carolina and is frequently featured on Fox 5 TV in Atlanta to cover current technology news stories, speaking from her extensive background as an information security expert. Bonnie lives in Marietta, GA, not too far outside of Atlanta.

Bonnie Smyre
Chief Penetration Testing Officer

Brian Tant

With over 25 years of experience in security and 15 years of hacking into systems, Brian Tant leads the engineering team at Raxis. His technical depth of knowledge and unrivaled expertise in the area of system exploitation are the reason why Raxis is at the forefront of penetration testing and Red Team services. Sought after by clients for his unique blend of business acumen and technical prowess, Brian has consistently delivered value to hundreds of organizations spanning the globe throughout his career.

Since his start in 2012, Brian has also delivered training and spoken at conferences on subjects including exploitation frameworks, adversarial techniques, threat modeling, premises security, social engineering, and vulnerability management. As he is responsible for all things hacking at Raxis, Brian continues to be an integral part of the substantial growth that Raxis has experienced over the years.

Brian enjoys technology, agriculture, and beekeeping. When not demonstrating risk to Fortune 100 companies, he manages a small farm outside of Atlanta with his wife and daughter.

Vice President, Business Development

Brad Herring

Brad Herring is the Vice President of Business Development and is responsible for sales and marketing efforts related to company growth and strategic partnerships for Raxis. Brad and his team are always finding innovative ways to increase sales and revenue, keeping Raxis at the forefront of penetration testing. Since his start in 2016, Brad has significantly grown company revenues, allowing Raxis to expand by hiring more engineers and a sales team. Brad also speaks at conferences on the topic of cybersecurity, to help companies become better informed and minimize their security risk.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and being outdoors. On a nice day you’ll likely see him on his vintage tractor doing various projects around the house. Brad resides on the north side of the greater Atlanta area with his wife and two children.

Technical Director, Software & Engineering

Adam Fernandez

Adam Fernandez started with Raxis in 2017 and oversees software development for Raxis One, serves as Director of Penetration Testing, and also is responsible for internal IT operations. While most of his time goes to managing the development of Raxis One, Adam still keeps his skills sharp by performing penetration tests when his expertise is required.

He has over 13 years of development background working in a variety of areas including web applications, mobile applications, API’s, and databases. These skillsets give him a strategic advantage with regards to penetration testing, such as being able to write custom code and scripts during an assessment. Adam has assessed numerous web applications, code bases, and network configurations in the financial, healthcare, and security industries, making him a critical part of the rapid growth Raxis has experienced.

In his spare time, Adam can be found writing code, working on specialized exploits, dissecting security systems, and studying network vulnerabilities. When you can pry him away from a computer, he enjoys watching science-fiction films and television shows, as well as hiking and camping. Adam resides in the Atlanta area.

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