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Atlanta’s Raxis is a top provider of global pentesting solutions, serving businesses worldwide

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Raxis, headquartered in Atlanta, is a cybersecurity services company that specializes in penetration testing. Our mission is to empower businesses worldwide by ensuring the security of their software applications and data while doing business online.

At Raxis, we’re not your typical security engineers. We’re ethical hackers, seasoned professionals, and passionate penetration testing engineers. Our expertise comes from years of providing top-notch penetration testing services to Fortune 500 companies. We thrive on identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities, ensuring our clients receive thorough findings and effective recommendations.

A Vision for Realistic Penetration Testing

In 2011, our founder, Mark Puckett, saw a pressing need for more realistic penetration testing. The traditional methods being used were proving inadequate, and so Raxis was established to bring about a change. We handpicked a team of highly skilled individuals who shared a common belief in staying ahead of cyber threats. Our innovative approach, which is centered on proactive testing, quickly set us apart from the rest. Mark carefully selected certified security professionals who shared his vision and belief that the traditional ways of pentesting had become ineffective and predictable. Instead of responding to past security breaches, Raxis’ main focus was on predicting and preventing future ones. By staying ahead of cybercriminal tactics, Raxis provided clients with thorough and proactive pentesting experiences.

Setting New Standards

Raxis quickly distinguished itself from competitors. Our approach was dynamic, forward-thinking, and effective. As other companies adhered to outdated methodologies, Raxis continued to evolve by thoroughly simulating a real cyber attack. We use techniques to evade advanced security controls, leverage social engineering techniques to launch payloads, and gain access to critical data through pivoting. Today, Raxis boasts a fully remote team spread across the United States, serving clients globally. Our work-from-home model reflects our adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Beyond Penetration Testing: Identifying Hidden Risks

As cyber attacks continue to evolve and become more complex, Raxis has adapted and expanded our services to better serve our clients. While penetration testing remains our core service, we now offer comprehensive risk assessments that include code reviews, continuous penetration testing, and breach analysis. By utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, we are able to uncover vulnerabilities that our clients may be unaware of, allowing them to take proactive steps to strengthen their security measures. Our impact is felt across a wide range of industries, as we strive to make the digital world a safer place for businesses and their customers.

Raxis disrupted the corporate world by being the new popular kid. Companies flocked to Raxis because of our simulated hacking, crafted from the perspective of determined adversaries, proved far more effective than traditional “scan and report” style services. Raxis’s culture is fun, easy-going, and results-driven. We’ve made cybersecurity exciting, and our impact reverberates across industries.

With new cyber threats arising constantly, Raxis continues to lead the charge. By prioritizing realistic penetration testing, identifying hidden risks, and cultivating a dynamic team environment, we have set ourselves apart from the competition. In a world where businesses are increasingly vulnerable, Raxis stands ready to strengthen defenses and safeguard valuable assets.

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