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Raxis helps resellers get through the door with new business and creates a better, more profitable customer experience.

Since 2011, Raxis has delivered top tier penetration testing. In fact, we built our entire business around the pentesting service. We’ve consistently avoided performing defensive functions to keep our elite team highly trained on the attack side of information security. This laser focus allows us to build a team with nothing but “A-players,” allowing us to stay at the bleeding edge of hacking techniques.

What does this mean to your reseller business? Better results all around. Better results in security findings, better security for your customers, and better profits from very satisfied customers. In addition, if you’re an MSSP or VAR, we don’t compete in your space.

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Built for partnerships

We’re proud to work with select partners that share our common goal of helping organizations stay secure.

We Value Reputation

We believe that our reputation as a solid penetration test provider is the most important asset we have as a business. It is important to us ensure that our mutual customers receive the results they are looking for, and we’ll work hard to ensure they achieve their goals without compromising quality or integrity.

Rock Solid Processes

We’ve performed pentesting and red teaming since 2011, so we’ve run into every bump in the road you can imagine. Over the years, we’ve honed in our processes well, allowing us to move with the speed of your business. Raxis One, our internally developed web portal, facilitates super-fast job quoting, manages the customer engagement from start to finish, and provides you with a clear view of your customer engagements.


Reach new business opportunities by joining forces with Raxis. Using the power behind both your brand and ours, we will work together to deliver excellent penetration testing services providing measurable security improvements for your customers.

Exceptional Quality

You’ve spent a lot of resources in building relationships with your customers, and we realize it’s important to deliver high quality results. Raxis penetration testers are highly experienced professionals and never deliver watered down reports. Our process includes a rigorous peer review before submission to clients to make sure even the smallest details are checked and double checked.

Raxis One

Full featured partner and customer online portal

When permitted by the end customer, Raxis partners benefit from a view of their customer pentest results through the Raxis online customer management portal, Raxis One. It’s a simple and secure method for you or your customers to communicate with Raxis engineers, review PTaaS results, or manage any of the Raxis services.

VARs and MSSPs: Raxis is a perfect match

Being a Raxis partner provides you excellent margins through very competitive reseller pricing, confidence that your customer will be pleased with our results, and recurring business each year.

Recurring revenue

If you’re an MSSP looking to keep customers coming back each year, penetration testing is ideal to add to your portfolio. As new cybersecurity threats emerge, the need for pentesting continues in order to stay ahead of the bad guys. Gaps in penetration testing certainly increase the chances for a breach, and our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) offering is a perfect fit for a continued view of potential threats.

We stay in our lane

Raxis does not offer blue team services. If your MSSP customer comes to Raxis for help with performing remediation on findings, installing new hardware, or monitoring their networks for intrusion, then quite simply put, that’s not what we do. Instead, we’ll happily refer those business opportunities back to you. We built our reputation not only from top penetration testing results, but also from our integrity.

Don’t lose customers over quality

When it comes to quality, our elite team of professional hackers is second to none. We’ve frequently performed penetration tests after our competition, as our customers say, “because they didn’t find anything.” More often than not, and surprisingly even with the bigger named brands, we find major cybersecurity gaps that were completely missed in the prior test. Maintain your customer trust by providing them a quality pentest that’s not watered down.

Our reports drive remediation

Pentest reports have clear findings and recommended remediation steps that need to be handled quickly and accurately. Grow your business by letting our professionals find the cybersecurity gaps and then follow up with your team to remediate. Maintain customer trust by using Raxis, a focused penetration testing firm, to unveil the need for your solutions.

High profit margin

Our partner pricing takes into account the effort you provide on the sales cycle, as well as your level of volume. Pentesting is an excellent way to increase your profits through both our pentest services and your subsequent remediation sales. In addition, it’s important to repeat penetration testing after any significant change in the system. With the extravagant cost of an actual cybersecurity breach, penetration testing is more in demand than ever.

Keep competition at bay

Many resellers attempt to perform pentests with subpar vendors that rebrand a validated vulnerability scan. These subpar vendors often miss major cybersecurity gaps that leave your customers exposed to the bad guys. Raxis spends the time with the customer to understand goals, perform a best-in-class penetration test, and then provide you step-by-step instructions on how to remediate the findings.

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