Attack Surface Management

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Attack Surface Management is a crucial component of cybersecurity. It encompasses the assessment, protection, and monitoring of an organization’s digital attack surface, including its hardware, software, and network assets. Leveraging automation tools and the expertise of our skilled team members, we can quickly and thoroughly identify and analyze potential vulnerabilities within your attack surface.

Unrivaled Penetration Testing

The Raxis Pentest Team uses the same techniques that today’s malicious hackers use, including detection evasion, recent exploits, social engineering, and chained attacks. This is not a vulnerability scan, as our pentesters will breach your perimeter, pivot to other opportunities, exfiltrate critical data, obtain and crack password hashes, and demonstrate how a foothold would be maintained.

Advanced Social Engineering

Social engineering is a powerful attack vector that targets the greatest weakness in any organization: its people. Whether it’s through phishing, smishing, vishing, whaling, direct interaction, or other pretext, a well-executed social engineering test can manipulate your employees to reveal sensitive data in ways you never imagined.

Security Framework Analysis

A robust enterprise solution that gets down to brass tacks, we map your policies and procedures’ maturity across industry standard security controls. An extensive interview and documentation process leaves no stone unturned. Your greatest strengths, weaknesses, and all points between are spelled out in a detailed gap analysis and roadmap.

Red Team Assessment

In most of our Red Team assessments, physical security is deemed in scope to gain a full view of every potential avenue of attack. We test physical security to ensure that intruders can’t gain access to systems that may be protected by physical access controls. This often includes badge readers, wireless networks, electronic door locks, and network-connected cameras.

Managing Risks in an Evolving Threat Landscape

At Raxis, we get it. Cybersecurity can seem like a never-ending battle, and it’s easy to retreat into safe harbors and big-box, checkbox solutions. With your reputation and your revenue at stake, however, it makes sense to bring on a partner who understands what you’re up against and who can help you focus your resources where they are most effective in terms of both cost and security.

This is where Raxis shines. We see security differently because our team includes some of the most skilled and experienced certified hackers in the world. We have former IT and database administrators, system admins, software developers and architects, embedded device and IoT experts, as well as corporate cybersecurity leaders, internal red team and blue team members, and even fireworks specialists and improv performers.

Scanning isn’t Seeing

Much of the conversation around Attack Surface Management involves staying ahead in a technological arms race. Companies, including Raxis, are turning more to automation to stay ahead of the threats. But there is a tremendous difference between set-it-and-forget-it tech and integrated systems that extend the capabilities of human experts.

Raxis Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) blends the speed and reach of automation with the skills and expertise of our experienced team members. While technology can surface potential issues, it takes a highly skilled professional to truly understand their significance and assess their potential impact. With our team of experts, Raxis is dedicated to delivering comprehensive and thorough penetration testing to help companies identify vulnerabilities and strengthen their security measures. Our PTaaS is a combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, providing clients with a uniquely effective approach to enhancing their cybersecurity.

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Paths, not just Points

Corporate security isn’t capture-the-flag. Hackers don’t stop just because they’ve successfully penetrated your network. Whether they’re motivated by greed, activism, curiosity, or military objectives, they won’t stop until they have stolen, copied, or encrypted your data, or otherwise disrupted your operations.

When Raxis spots a potential problem, we attempt an exploit. In many cases, we hit a dead end – saving your team the trouble of investigating a non-issue. However, if we get in, we follow the path as far as it will take us to understand the real risk it represents. Why? Because in the real world, hackers create chained attacks, sometimes using a series of minor vulnerabilities to execute a catastrophic breach.

What other automated services might flag as unrelated, low-level threats, Raxis engineers recognize as potential links that can be connected to enable unauthorized access to your network.

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