Penetration Testing

Uncover hidden cybersecurity risks

What is Penetration Testing?

A deliberate cyberattack to reveal weaknesses in security defenses

A Penetration Test is a cybersecurity adversarial experience that pits highly experienced, professional hackers against your security. In about 85% of the tests, the professional penetration testers find a way in. If so, you’ll receive a step-by-step guide on how to resolve each of the findings. Once you finish the remediation, a retest will verify that each item has been resolved.

Don’t fear the penetration test

We won’t break anything, and Raxis’ Tim Semchenko explains why in this video.

Penetration testing is a simulated, realistic cyber attack using the same tools and techniques as a real hacker

Raxis Penetration Testing mentions data exfiltration.  Why is this important?

Data exfiltration is the act of stealing critical data from an organization, usually due to a system breach. As a proof of concept, Raxis will attempt to gain access to a small portion of restricted data, capture it via a screenshot, and redact any private information before storage or transmission. This is an important step as it demonstrates value to key stakeholders and proves the urgency in following our recommended remediation steps. Rest assured that we will take every precaution to avoid data loss or exposure during the test.

Can you do penetration tests remotely?

Yes, we can, thanks to a little device called Transporter. No need to setup a virtual machine that someone may forget about. We can access everything needed for a penetration test from our simple-to-install device. Once we’re done, you simply turn it off and ship it back with the prepaid form. If your network is 100-percent virtual private cloud (VPC), we have a remote access solution that can access your VPC as a malicious insider. Supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, and others.

Why have Raxis perform my penetration test?

Raxis is an elite team with a wide range of skills and years of experience. We are security professionals, software and app developers, help-desk veterans, radio hobbyists, models, farmers, and race car drivers. What we have in common is that we are all innovators with savant-like abilities to hack or talk our way past some of the best security in the world.

Why is it important to obtain a quality penetration test?

Real cybercriminals range from lone, dorm-room pranksters to teams of state-sponsored hackers. The quality of your penetration test is determined by how well it prepares you to meet and defeat any of these threats. And how well you’re prepared depends on the talent of the team coming to test you.

What’s the difference between a penetration test and a red team attack?

Penetration testing is a crucial process for companies looking to secure their networks and protect sensitive information. Its focus is on identifying any existing vulnerabilities in the system and testing its defenses against potential attacks. By leveraging a combination of methodologies, a much wider range of potential weak points can be identified, and proper remediation measures can be taken to improve overall security. In contrast, a red team attack involves a more aggressive approach, using any means necessary to break through a network’s defenses and gain access to critical assets. Both methods have their merits and can greatly benefit organizations seeking to enhance their security posture.

Do I need a penetration test if I already know I have problems?

Yes, absolutely. First, you likely don’t know all of the problems, the severity of the problems, and how to prioritize your remediation effort. Also, a lot of our customers need help obtaining appropriate budget and resources to remediate the findings, and a penetration test makes it absolutely clear what damage could potentially occur. Sometimes, we find that customers need training before testing. In cases where a test would only uncover basic, obvious faults, we recommend having our specialists come in for consultations, training, or tabletop exercises first.

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