Breach and Attack Simulation

Conduct realistic cybersecurity attacks to improve security

Breach and Attack Simulation provides valuable insight

Managed via Raxis One, Breach and Attack Simulation can demonstrate conclusively why and how your company can fall prey to hackers of all descriptions.


The continuous nature of our testing, performed at regular intervals, prevents test-prep syndrome and helps spread and maintain a sense of urgency among your team members.

Real Attacks

Raxis safely uses the same tools and hacking techniques that real hackers use to properly test your cybersecurity defense processes and software.


To meet your goals and preferences, Raxis will work closely with you to formulate a realistic attack plan that fits your needs.

Remediation Plan

Once we’ve identified gaps, Raxis provides a clear remediation plan to further improve your cybersecurity posture.

AJC newspaper article featuring raxis
Photo by: Raxis, LLC
Sharpe, Joshua. “Pay them to hack you.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 January 2021, p. D1.

Expert cybersecurity engineers make the difference

Your company has invested tons of money in cybersecurity, and you have the unenviable job of explaining why more is needed. The board reacts to the latest headline-grabbing breach, while you see known issues like training, shadow IT, and vendor preparedness that represent giant gaps in your defenses. Raxis is your ally on the cutting edge. We’re here to help you help your organization prepare for the real-world threats you know are out there – and the ones you know are likely to emerge.

The issue with headlines is that they simply inform you of the things that have already happened to someone else. However, with Raxis Red Team’s breach and attack simulation, you can witness firsthand the potential consequences that your company may face. By extracting confidential and sensitive information (that we’ll redact), the question that once lingered as a mere possibility slowly transforms into a matter of inevitability. This simulation allows your team to gain insights and understand the likelihood of an actual catastrophic breach occurring, rather than falling prey to the spiral of executive doom-scrolling. With these valuable findings, your team can identify and address any vulnerabilities to strengthen your company’s defenses.

At Raxis, our team is always keeping an eye on the latest threats and vulnerabilities. We take pride in our ability to discover and share new exploits, as, at our core, we are hackers. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, staying ahead of the curve, and seeking out ways to infiltrate new platforms and find new methods for breaking into old ones. Our insatiable curiosity and drive for innovation keep us at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, making us the go-to company for businesses looking to bolster their defenses.

Why the Raxis continuous Testing approach makes sense

The continuous nature of our testing is an essential aspect of our services that sets us apart. We understand that cybersecurity is not a one-time fix, and security threats are constantly evolving. That’s why we offer regular, ongoing penetration testing to ensure your defense systems are always up to the task. This approach prevents the complacency and false sense of security that can come with one-off testing. Our Raxis One customer portal keeps you informed on the latest updates and gives you insights into your cybersecurity posture. This helps you avoid the frustration of constantly trying to keep up with changing threats and having to constantly purchase new tools and technologies to protect your business.

What you will learn

With Raxis, your business will have a comprehensive understanding of your network security. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine your security devices, uncover vulnerabilities, and test the effectiveness of your blue teams. This hacker’s-eye-view will provide you with invaluable insights on where your weaknesses lie and how you can adjust your priorities and budgets to mitigate your risks. Our reports offer hard evidence that can be presented to top-level decision-makers, ensuring that your concerns are taken seriously. And, if needed, our experts can even meet with your executive team or board to go over the findings in detail. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take proactive measures to protect your company’s valuable data with Raxis.

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