Breach and Attack Simulation

Conduct realistic cybersecurity attacks to improve security

Breach and Attack Simulation provides valuable insight

Managed via Raxis One, Breach and Attack Simulation can demonstrate conclusively why and how your company can fall prey to hackers of all descriptions.


The continual nature of our testing, performed at regular intervals, prevents test-prep syndrome and helps spread and maintain a sense of urgency among your team members.

Real Attacks

Raxis safely uses the same tools and hacking techniques that real hackers use to properly test your cybersecurity defense processes and software.


To meet your goals and preferences, Raxis will work closely with you to formulate a realistic attack plan that fits your needs.

Remediation Plan

Once we’ve identified gaps, Raxis provides a clear remediation plan to further improve your cybersecurity posture.

AJC newspaper article featuring raxis
Photo by: Raxis, LLC
Sharpe, Joshua. “Pay them to hack you.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 January 2021, p. D1.

Expert cybersecurity engineers make the difference

Your company has invested tons of money in cybersecurity, and you have the unenviable job of explaining why more is needed. The board reacts to the latest headline-grabbing breach, while you see known issues like training, shadow IT, and vendor preparedness that represent giant gaps in your defenses. Raxis is your ally on the cutting edge. We’re here to help you help your organization prepare for the real-world threats you know are out there – and the ones you know are likely to emerge.

The problem with headlines is that they tell you what has already happened to someone else. Breach and attack simulation using the Raxis Red Team shows you firsthand what can happen . . . to your company. When we exfiltrate sensitive (redacted) data, the question “if” quickly turns to “when”? Your team can make informed decisions about shoring up weak spots based on the likelihood of an actual catastrophic breach as opposed to executive doom-scrolling.

Worried about emerging threats? So are we. That’s why you’ll see Raxis penetration testers frequently uncovering and publishing new exploits. (We are hackers, after all). Intense curiosity drives us to stay on the bleeding edge – constantly searching for ways in to new platforms and new ways into old ones.

Why the Raxis continuous Red Team approach makes sense

The continuous nature of our testing, performed at regular intervals, prevents test-prep syndrome and helps spread and maintain a sense of urgency among your team members. Our Raxis One customer portal gives you easy access to up-to-date information about your cybersecurity posture and helps you avoid playing whack-a-mole with unnecessary tools and tech.

What you will learn

Very quickly, you’ll have a hacker’s-eye-view of your network and a much clearer understanding of where your real vulnerabilities are and how your time and budget priorities need to adjust to eliminate or mitigate your risk. What’s more, our reporting gives you the evidence you need to make your case at the highest levels. And, if need be, our experts will be available to walk through the findings with your executive team or board, as the case may be.