Meet the Team: Matt Mathur, Lead Penetration Tester

Hi, I’m Matt Mathur. A few days ago, I did an interview with Jim, our marketing guru. The idea is to introduce you to Raxis through the eyes of our team, how we found our way to this profession, and to help you understand what drives our passion for penetration testing. Read on to learn more about my personal story, and if you’re interested in joining our team, check out our careers page and see if you might be a good fit.

Jim: Tell me a little about your background. How long have you been with Raxis?

Matt: I grew up on Long Island in New York and got my B.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern University in Boston. I now live in Philadelphia with my fiancée Natasha, who’s finishing up medical school. I joined the Raxis team last November after working on building some automated attack tools to assist in cybersecurity testing and training.

Jim: How did you come to focus on cybersecurity?

Matt: Well, I had some experience as a software engineer, in malware research and other security research before turning towards offensive security. I liked all those things, but the idea of offensive security – of using our hacking ability to help companies become more secure is really what excites me.

Jim: Helping people seems to be a theme in your career and in your personal life. Is that right?

Matt: Yeah, I think that’s really what led me to cybersecurity in the first place, helping people protect their users and important data. Outside of that, I try to volunteer at organizations such as Black Girls Hack and Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu to help empower people to succeed in cybersecurity. I’m also just inspired by Natasha, who is helping people every day.

Jim: How does working on the Raxis team fit into that mix?

Matt’s homemade macarons

Matt: When we help companies remediate vulnerabilities, we’re helping them secure their users, data, and company. The team is passionate about this, and about helping other security researchers by sharing knowledge with the community.

Jim: Help our readers and me understand what you mean by that.

Matt: The Raxis team is fully remote, and we’re constantly updating each other on the newest attacks, tools, and vulnerabilities. On top of that, we’re encouraged to publish our findings, tools, and techniques to help others in the community remediate them too.

Jim: Do you have an example?

Matt: Sure, I recently published a Metasploit Module based on a new vulnerability I discovered in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Web Access application. This module helps people detect the vulnerability, and Raxis not only gave me the time to work on this, but also actively encouraged it. The team celebrates these things, and the same is true for team members who earn new certifications, find creative ways to breach a customer’s network, or develop other tools.

Jim: You’ve talked about a lot of advantages to being part of the Raxis team. What’s your favorite part of the job?

Matt: Outside of being able to use offensive security to help people, I like being challenged while learning new things. Outside Raxis, I like to play strategic games like MtG, go hiking and biking, and improve my cooking and baking. These are varied, but it’s nice to get outside my cybersecurity headspace.

With that said, my favorite part about the job is that it’s an ongoing challenge. We work with clients in various industries with vastly different networks, applications, and security postures. Even very similar companies can have entirely different tech stacks, so there’s constantly room to learn.

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