HIPAA required pentesting helps keep patient data away from hackers

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Humanity and technology: We protect where they intersect

Here’s a scary truth no one wants to hear: Our health care organizations are vulnerable to catastrophic cyberattack. Even systems directly connected to patients are not beyond the reach of a determined hacker. At Raxis, we know this because we’ve hacked those very systems and exploited their weak points. We didn’t cause any problems, but we proved that the bad guys could.

If you’re managing health care data, software, or connected devices, heed the very advice your industry offers frequently — get tested early and often.

Penetration Testing for the Medical and Healthcare Fields

Is your patient data protected effectively? Are your critical systems locked down? If we can get to them, the answer is no. The good news is that we speak HIPAA, so we know what we’re looking for and how to find it. Even more important, we’ll help you to better protect it.

Attacks on Medical Systems and Services Increase Every Year

Raxis often uncovers security vulnerabilities and configuration errors within medical related systems that surprise our customers. We have breached internal medical systems holding patient records, payment systems managing insurance and credit card data, and embedded systems that are critical for patient health monitoring. Whether you're confident you've closed most of the security gaps, or if you have no idea where to start, a medical penetration test from Raxis will provide valuable information on where your security risks are so that you can remediate them.

Security Experts in Medical Systems and Healthcare Technology

We've often heard our customers say that their previous penetration test wasn't effective because the testers didn't understand the differences in medical systems. Raxis has specialized experience with testing hospitals and medical facilities, including systems used for health monitoring, prescription management, and patient portals. Our list of satisfied customers ranges the entire medical industry, including hospitals, doctors' offices, medical facilities and insurance, and pharmaceuticals.

HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance is often the reason our medical customers contact us for security services. While it's not required to use a third party for the penetration test, a third party can often help reveal hidden security vulnerabilities that you never knew existed. Adversaries are looking for PHI data as well as ways to disrupt operations, and a breach could result in a significant cost or health risks for patients.

Combined Testing and Red Team Tests

Because of the critical systems and data inherent to healthcare services, the industry is at high-risk as a target for malicious activities including ransomware attacks. Raxis tailors our tests to your needs, from individual internal, external, and phishing tests, to combined efforts culminating at our full red team test that mimics real malicious hackers pulling together those tests with physical social engineering and wireless network testing. Our team attempts to gain access in any way possible, just as a hacker would, so that your team can close gaps, fix issues, and train employees before a malicious attack occurs.

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