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How Bonnie Banished Her Boring Background

Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre with her new art by Kasi Reilly

Raxis has always been a remote-work team, even before COVID, so we’re accustomed to spending a lot of time on Zoom. Thus my plain green wall has been an ongoing source of amusement for my colleagues, but I never gave it a lot of thought until I started doing more videos for public consumption. 

Before My personal green monster

That’s when it hit me – the green wall looks like a green screen awaiting a novelty background. It’s boring and bland and very much not my style. So, I decided to change it up for something that is. 

Of course, it helps that I have an amazing and talented friend, Kasi Reilly, who could take my wall from blah to beautiful. Even more importantly, Kasi understands my individual sense of style, and I trusted her to bring my vision to life. 

She did not disappoint. 

I knew I wanted colors and flowers. Kasi agreed and recommended that we make it bright and cheerful while remaining calming and serene. I thought that would be a difficult balance to achieve, yet when “Garden Party” blossomed on my wall, I realized my friend had captured it perfectly.

After The Garden Party in full bloom

So now when you’re watching my Raxis videos on YouTube or social media, you’ll be treated to this beautiful piece of art. And my fallow green wall is now in permanent bloom.

If you love Kasi’s artwork as much as I do, check out her instagram, @kasirliving and her Facebook page: Kasi Reilly Living.