Raxis Cares: Passing Along the Passion

Our work at Raxis is highly specialized, often mysterious, and sometimes even suspicious to those outside our field. That makes it exceptionally rewarding when we have an opportunity to share what we do with the next generation.

Alexis is a senior in high school this year, and the COVID-19 emergency has caused her to miss out on some of the memories that make that such a special time in life. We’re very proud that she got to be a part of the Raxis family for a little while during her last semester and even prouder that it was the rewarding experience she describes in her note below.

“For my senior project I chose a topic that was so complex and one that I had no prior experience with — penetration testing. I had an awesome mentor, Bonnie Smyre, who is chief operating officer at Raxis, and she made it so interesting to learn all about the world of cyber security – specifically, what pen testing is and the whole process behind it. The folks at Raxis were so sweet and kind and they just made it a fantastic time to both learn and have fun. As I move on to college, I want to have a work environment just like they have at Raxis, where everyone is so welcoming to others, where communication is completely transparent, and a place that is just overall fun to be around! I want to thank both Bonnie and all the others at Raxis for giving me this opportunity to be able to see and learn the behind the scenes of it all. It was so much fun having Bonnie as my mentor and I had a complete blast learning everything!”

Alexis Chiem
Hillgrove High senior Alexis Chiem and Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre
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Hillgrove High senior Alexis Chiem and Raxis COO Bonnie Smyre
PenTest As a SErvice

Penetration Testing as a Service doesn’t have to be a dressed up vulnerability scan. Raxis PTaaS delivers a solid pentest done right and when you need it.

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