Raxis Cares: When COVID-19 Comes, Creatives Pivot

Penetration testing experts are perfectly poised to work within our new social distancing guidelines, but performing artists have been uniquely impacted by COVID-19: without an audience, the show simply cannot go on.  

As a presenting sponsor of the Georgia Metropolitan Dance Theatre, Raxis was heartbroken when their recent performance of Coppélia and the Magical Toy Shop was canceled, but we are at least able to share one special element from the program – and introduce you to the work of Amy Rust, an aspiring graphic designer who is passionate in the performing arts as well. Amy collaborated with Raxis to produce our program ad for Coppélia, seen in this stunning layout: 

Coppélia Ad by Amy Rust

Coppélia Ad by Amy Rust

Amy will attend the University of Georgia in the fall, where she plans to combine her creative energy and expertise with a major in graphic design and a minor in dance. Here’s how she created her original design: 

Being a ballerina, I was already familiar with Coppélia and the storyline, so I was very excited to get started right away! I first started off by writing down all my ideas, and, after much deliberation, I was able to narrow it down to a single one. Then I moved onto the visual part of the ad by looking online and watching the ballet as inspiration, and then sketching out different designs for the ad until I created a sketch with which I saw great possibility. Using my graphic design skills, I took to Adobe illustrator to create my masterpiece in vector form. I made the base image using my sketch and then, after careful consideration, chose the colors based off the cover to ensure the ad was visually complementary. Last, I made finishing touches to the layout of the ad and added small details that really brought the ballerina to life.” 

Amy Rust

We wish Amy and her fellow class of incoming UGA Bulldogs the best of luck in 2020 and can’t wait to see all our GMDT dancers soon on stage! 

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Amy Rust, aspiring graphic designer with her Raxis GMDT ad