Security Breach Services

PCI Compliance sets the bar, but today's threats require that you exceed it. Raxis professional hackers are based in the United States and have assisted many Fortune 500 companies test security defenses with real world attacks. Live-fire testing is the best way to learn precisely where your weaknesses are and which elements of your organization are potentially at risk.

  • Penetration Testing

    A penetration test targets critical systems or data locked away deep inside your organization. The professional hackers at Raxis will attempt to infiltrate your servers, workstations, networks, wireless, or the social element.

  • Social Engineering

    Raxis provides an entire range of Social Engineering services, including email phishing, social engineering via telephone calls, to breaching phyiscal security controls through online research and acting as an insider.

  • Security Code Review

    A Secure Code Review is one of the most effective techniques to discover flaws in custom developed applications. Raxis uses a manual, line by line, procedures to review the actual code for security risks.

  • Physical Security

    The strongest network perimeters can fall victim to physical access vulnerabilities, so Raxis provides customized testing to ensure that your company offices and data centers follow security best practices.

Let's start hacking.

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