Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a critical component of a security audit and is performed with a simulated hack attempt against your organization. In addition to the more traditional Windows and Unix based systems, our team has expert level engineers with specialized hacking skills in technology ranging from SCADA / DCS to mobile iOS/Android devices.  Our ethical hackers will act as a malicious insider or outsider and zero in on the most critical assets to test your controls.

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Social Engineering / Phishing

Social Engineering exploits the human element of your organization and works more often than most people realize.  Our engineers will use manipulation techniques, such as phishing, for information gathering, computer systems access, or fraud.  Over 90% of our social engineering engagements result in gaining access to facilities, login accounts, or network access.  

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Security Assessments

Security Assessments at Raxis cover both the physical and logical component of your organization's security posture in detail.  Raxis engineers are ethical hackers and have detailed knowledge of how applications, data centers, and data flow works.  Using detailed interviews, on site documentation review, and physical site visits, a Security Assessment provides a detailed alignment of your critical data flows and security risks.

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