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Why Worry About Unauthorized Entry?

Notice: Authorized Personnel Only

We’ve posted several videos recently that demonstrate how easy it can be to defeat some common physical security barriers by cloning badgesmanipulating sensors with air, and  using hidden cameras. In case you’re wondering, it is every bit as fun as it looks, and lots of folks tell us it’s cool to see it demonstrated. 

But, if you think about it, it also raises the so-what question. What’s the worst that can happen if someone gets access to a secure area inside your office? Somebody’s bound to notice before they can cause any real trouble, right? 

Unfortunately, no. Even if the hacker isn’t also an experienced social engineer (and Raxis team members are), they can still cause untold damage. Once inside, it only takes an intruder seconds to install a network backdoor device on an open network port. At that point, network traffic is being diverted to or through the hacker mother ship. 

Check out this video and watch how quickly a company’s data – and its customers’ data – can be compromised.

Fortunately, in this scenario, I was the hacker conducting the attack. Although this was only a demonstration, I should point out that I’ve done the same thing in many red team engagements with clients. As you can see, the computer skills necessary are more in line with a 7-year-old’s than 007’s. Oh, and that special equipment I was using? It’s readily available online for $50 to $100. 

The point here is that you need multiple, effective layers of cybersecurity to protect your network. How do you find out what you’re missing? Simple. You call us.

Raxis’ team of experts is ready to help your business evaluate and identify solutions to help safeguard sensitive data. Follow us on this blog or social media – FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube –  and we’ll share more ways that hackers can get in — and how we can help you keep them out.