A Herring Haunting at Curriculaville Next Wednesday

To me, the scariest movies are ones where the ghost/monster/alien turns out to be someone we’ve come to know and trust. The same thing is often true with cyberthreats – the people who can do the most damage to your organization, whether intentionally or not, are your own employees. During Raxis red team engagements, company employees are one of the most reliable ways we have to gain access to the corporate network.

Believe me, after thousands of penetration tests over the years, Raxis has lots of stories – and I intend to tell some.

Next Wednesday, our friends at Curricula, an Atlanta-based cybersecurity training company, will launch their first annual “Curriculaville” remote cybersecurity summit. The free, one-day event starts at 11 AM and will feature a number of experts from the information security space. I’m proud to represent the Raxis team as part of a panel discussion entitled, “Scary Security Stories” that will begin at 1 PM. 

This is the time of year for tales that send chills up your spine and raise goosebumps on your skin. If you haven’t trained your employees properly and put effective cyber defenses in place, well . . . let’s just say you might be in for a quite a fright. 

The good news is that Raxis stories usually have happy endings. We might steal some passwords and take over your domain, but 99% of the time, we leave your soul intact. And, we’ll show you how to avoid the real bad guys who will take that and more if they can.

Please check out the link and sign up for this informative, educational event at Curriculaville. After all, hearing our scary stories might just keep you from living one of your own.

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