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Social Engineering and the “Ishings” Explained

Brian Tant, Raxis CTO

Long gone are the days of a Nigerian Prince trying to win you over – via email – with his incredible offers. Today, it is all about the ‘ishings’ – you know, phishing, vishing, spear-phishing and smishing. And don’t forget about direct interaction. 

Ah, the wonderful world of social engineering. Hackers love it because it’s highly effective, and, though there is no way to just make it go away, there are plenty of ways you can become more resistant to these types of attacks. 

Check out this video from our smart friend Brian Tant, Chief Technology Officer here at Raxis, who explains it all in terms even your grandpa can understand.

Effective cybersecurity requires an investment of time, talent, and treasure. But, when you consider that a cyberattack can cost even a small business upwards of $200,000 – plus reputation damage and other intangibles, the costs to harden your security posture are a bargain. Every company needs a cybersecurity threat mitigation plan. 

Enter Raxis. Our team of experts can bring your company’s security vulnerabilities to light, show you how to remedy them, and provide ongoing remote monitoring to help you stay secure.