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3 Steps You Should Take Right Now to Reduce Your Risk of a Cyberattack

Raxis CTO, Brian Tant

Hi everybody, it’s Brian with Raxis, back with another video today! This is a busy time for us all, with no signs of slowing down. Do you know who else is busy now? Hackers – especially ones that know just how easy it is for thousands of us to forget to update passwords, patch operating systems, and scan for new viruses.

I get it. Life happens. Seniors are graduating, families are acclimating, dogs are crashing Zoom meetings, and many of us are adjusting to completely new work environments. But if you can remember to lock your doors at home, you can get in the habit of locking out cyber attackers at work.

Watch this video for the top 3 things I wish every company would do today to keep out intruders online:

These steps are the basics that every company should be taking, but, as hackers know all too well, not everyone does. Your company’s security is a 24-hour-a-day responsibility. Make sure your employees and your IT department know how critical it is for everyone to use the tools you already have to stay one step ahead of criminals.

If this video made you wonder how secure your company’s data is, contact Raxis and learn how our tests can help you assess and improve your cyber defenses. We partner with small- and mid-sized businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, to help protect your employees, your data, and your bottom line.

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