Here’s How Hackers Can Get Through Your Doors and Onto Your Network

Watch my video to see how easy it can be to bypass your company’s sophisticated security system. You might assume I’m just a guy who left something at work and had to run back in. But that’s not my office, that’s not my badge, and, at sunset, my day is just getting started. 

We’re all familiar with employee badges – plastic proximity cards that contain a unique identifier that tracks when and where an employee is on company property. Businesses around the world depend on this technology to prevent unauthorized access, yet most would be shocked to see how simple it is for those badges to be scanned, cloned, and used to access a secure server.  

In truth, I’m the chief technology officer at Raxis, a team made up of ethical hackers who can get in and out of your secure office quickly and quietly. If we wanted to, we could walk away with access to every single file stored on your network. Luckily, we are not actually there for the files, we’re there to fix your vulnerabilities to a cyberattack. 

Badges that use RFID technology can be scanned from a few feet away, then cloned in seconds using a handheld copier/reader/writer – a relatively inexpensive device that’s easy to find if you know where to look. Add a small hidden camera to capture the PIN code on an alarm, then drop a backdoor implant device onto your network, and you’ve got a budget-friendly break-in method that a competitor or a kid on the dark web could use to ruin your reputation. 

Until it’s tested, security is only perception. Raxis assessments identify real-world vulnerabilities that may otherwise go unnoticed. We partner every day with companies like yours to harden their security through process and technology enhancements. The most important asset in any business is a customer’s trust. Secure it with effective, battle-tested solutions from Raxis.

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The following is a reenactment of a typical physical security assessment performed by a professional Raxis security engineer
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