Securing Your Wireless Network

This week Raxis Chief Technology Officer Brian Tant continues his video series about the most common vulnerabilities our team has discovered as they’ve performed thousands of penetration tests across the US over the years.

In this video Brian highlights the unique challenges wireless security brings to the table and breaks down which type of encryption you may want to consider to enhance your wireless security posture and protect your network. 

Brian explains the pros and cons of WPA2 Personal Encryption, WPA2 Enterprise Encryption, and Certificate-based Authentication and discusses which one the Raxis team recommends to bolster your security.

Hopefully, you’ve watched the video and have a better understanding about which type of network encryption is most secure. If you still have questions or want to learn more about protecting your corporate network, please reach out.

The Raxis team brings years of hacking and penetration testing experience to the table. We can use that experience to improve your skills and make your environment more secure.

Want a free list of the top 10 most common vulnerabilities? Download it here.


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Raxis CTO, Brian Tant