What to Expect When You’re Expecting a (Raxis) Penetration Test

I made this video to help you understand a little better how Raxis works, and specifically what happens once you engage us. I hope it allays some of your concerns about penetration testing.

There’s no reason to fear a pen test. Seriously. After all, it’s just a simulated cyberattack, one that you authorize and allow. Yet some CEOs, CIOs, and CISOs are hesitant to allow this ethical hacking for fear that the bad guys will somehow use it against them, that it will cause security issues, or that it will make them look bad. In fact, it’s just the opposite – especially if you choose to engage Raxis.

We get it, though. It’s natural to be cautious, and it’s prudent to want to know more about the people you’re working with, especially when granting access to your company’s most sensitive data. Whether you choose to work with Raxis or any other firm, we recommend you ask (and answer) plenty of questions up front. You want to know the company has the right experience to offer a range of high-quality services. One size definitely does not fit all. The firm you select should speak to you in advance to understand your specific needs and expectations . . . and then design and deliver the type of test, training, and follow-up that best protects you and makes you more resilient.

The Raxis team has some of the industry’s most advanced certifications, but we don’t intimidate our customers or hide anything from them. We believe knowledge empowers our clients, and we share it freely. Whether you use us or someone else, penetration testing is a critical part of your corporate cybersecurity strategy that you should not put off or bypass.

As you can see, we welcome your questions and concerns during every phase of our process. We conclude our pen tests with an executive summary for management and detailed findings and screenshots that can serve as a to-do list for your internal teams.  

Raxis stands by our processes, our team, and our word. Now it’s up to you to perform due diligence and research the expertise and deliverables of any cybersecurity company you’re considering. Follow us on this blog or social media, read more about our pen testing experience, or contact us directly to learn more about why some of America’s corporations (and small businesses) choose to work with us.

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Raxis COO, Bonnie Smyre
PenTest As a SErvice

Penetration Testing as a Service doesn’t have to be a dressed up vulnerability scan. Raxis PTaaS delivers a solid pentest done right and when you need it.

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