Securing the Internet of Things

The term “Internet of Things” is almost redundant now. If it’s a “thing” that has more than one setting, odds are it is or can be online. Whether or not you need remote access to your toaster oven is a question for another day, but it is an option

Here’s the problem: As the Raxis team proves on a near-daily basis, anything that’s connected can be hacked. It’s not that someone’s going to overcook your morning bagel as a prank (although that would be a good one). Instead, it’s that uncontrolled access to any device can give a bad guy a way into your network (and maybe all your devices) if you’re not careful.

The good news is that there are some simple safeguards you can take to protect your smart devices, and our new Securing the Internet of Things series will take you through them.

Scottie Cole, senior penetration tester, is kicking things off with the quick video above about securing your home thermostat or corporate HVAC system. I encourage you to watch and to follow Scottie’s advice. Better to take a few minutes now than take a big loss later.

PS – We’ll do a video on protecting your smart toaster . . . as soon as we find someone who owns one.

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