Hopefully You’re Not Next

Recently in the news, our national security director explained that we’re under constant attack from foreign adversaries. These attacks are at the nation-state level and they are attacking “virtually everything”. This isn’t limited to the super critical power generation companies and government institutions- they mean everything, including your website, email, and personal workstation. To make matters worse, there are still many of attacks originating from other bad actors, such as credit card and personal information thieves.

Many people think they are not targets because they have nothing of value. However, the contrary is true.  At a minimum, your computer and internet connection can be leveraged to attack other systems to cause an outage or hide the tracks of a real attacker.  Unfortunately, the worse case scenario might involve an installed key logger to capture credentials for your banking and retirement accounts.We’ve seen this first hand.  

Raxis performs hundreds of penetration tests and breach responses a year, and 2017 proved to be no exception.  There have been many occasions where we would breach a customer network only to find the door was left open and clear evidence that someone had already been there.  After a system has been breached, there are only two viable options: to restore from a known good backup, or a complete reinstall of any software.  Recovering from a breach is very difficult as in many cases the attacker will control many or all of the systems within an organization, resulting in a massive undertaking to rebuild.

Do something to make sure you’re not next.  Reach out to us, we’ll help you understand how a penetration test can shed some light on where the risks really are.

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PenTest As a SErvice

Penetration Testing as a Service doesn’t have to be a dressed up vulnerability scan. Raxis PTaaS delivers a solid pentest done right and when you need it.

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