Ashlyn Puckett
Meet the Team: Ashlyn Puckett, Social Media Specialist

Ashlyn Puckett is a social media specialist with Raxis. Find out more about her job[…]

Entering the Metaverse: You are the Real Commodity

Raxis’ CEO Mark Puckett explains why we might not wake up in the metaverse tomorrow,[…]

Mark Fabian
Meet the Team: Mark Fabian, Senior Penetration Tester

Mark Fabian worked his way up through the IT career field before arriving at his[…]

Why they're not the same: Vulnerability Scans and Pentests
Chained Attacks and How a Scan Can Leave You Vulnerable

Vulnerability scans are useful tools for protecting your network. Find out why you shouldn’t rely[…]

Andrew Trexler
Meet the Team: Andrew Trexler, Senior Penetration Tester

Senior penetration tester Andrew Trexler has a penchant for breaking in and blowing up. Read[…]

Metasploit Module: Azure AD Login Scanner
New Metasploit Module: Azure AD Login Scanner

Raxis’ Matt Dunn has published another Metasploit module, this one describing a vulnerability in Azure’s[…]

Mark Puckett
Meet the Team: Mark Puckett, CEO

How did Raxis come to be? Learn how Raxis’ founder and CEO Mark Puckett brought[…]

Cross-Site Scripting: Filter Evasion & Sideloading Payloads
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Filter Evasion and Sideloading

In this second in a series, learn how to perform Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks such[…]

Brad Herring
Meet the Team: Brad Herring, VP of Business Development

Brad Herring is the Raxis VP of Business Development — the first person most of[…]

Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting
Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting

This video covers the basics of cross-site scripting, including reflected, stored, and DOM-based XSS as[…]

Brian Tant
Meet the Team: Brian Tant, VP of Engineering

Brian Tant is Raxis’ Chief Technology Officer. Learn more about how he became a rock-star[…]

Bonnie Smyre
Meet the Team: Bonnie Smyre, Chief Operating Officer

Often serving as the public face of Raxis, Bonnie Smyre is a veteran IT pro[…]

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