LDAP Passback
LDAP Passback and Why We Harp on Passwords

LDAP passback exploits are easy when companies fail to change default passwords on network devices[…]

.be .wa .re .sc .am .me .rs
A High-Tech Take on an Old-Time Scam

Don’t fall prey to scammers trying to convince you that your domain name is about[…]

SonicWall Patches Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity company SonicWall has released patches for three zero-day vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited.

Emblem of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation
NSA, FBI, CISA Statement on Russian SVR Activity

The US government is warning businesses to beware of vulnerabilities being exploited by the Russian[…]

Are you ready for Raxis?
A Note from the Hacker-in-Chief

Concluding our series about working for Raxis is a message from our CEO, Mark Puckett.

Remediating Account Enumeration Vulnerabilities
Remediating Account Enumeration Vulnerabilities

Account enumeration reveals to an attacker whether or not he or she has valid user[…]

Freedom and Responsibility are our Cornerstones
A Culture of Freedom with an Expectation of Results

Freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand at Raxis. And we offer our team plenty of both.